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PES 2016 Buttons


PES 2016 -The Buttons is a concise game manual for PES/Winning Eleven 2016. It provides a fast and easy access to your PES advance commands, cheats, tips, strategies and option files. It is your little companion whenever and wherever you need it since it is able to work without internet connection. You can use this app during gameplay to practice new skill moves, offensive and defensive tactics.It is a top app for PES/Winning Eleven lovers and it is well recognized and used all over the world by top and novice players.
PES AndroidIt contains the basic buttons to play PES on your mobile device.
PES Cheats Ground shots cheat buttons inside.
Skill MovesEasy and effective skill moves inside.
Attacking ButtonsPractice various attacking tactics to break down your opponent's defense
PES Buttons 2016 (The Buttons)
1. Basic Buttons2. Offense Buttons3. Goalkeeper Killer Buttons4. Defense Buttons5. Other Buttons6. Free Kick Buttons7. Effective Skills Buttons
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This is an unofficial manual for PES and we are not affiliated with the owner. This manual was created by Gamepush Apps Studio to make life of video gamers easier with apps.
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